A Pandora’s box
by Murray Tovi.

A Pandora’s box has been opened and it is filled with fresh air and flowers made of simple logic. In the last 100 years theoretical physics has developed a language of it’s own that enables an intercourse of ideas within the discipline.

This, however, is a simple unifying theory that requires little in physicist language to understand. I hope it will be evaluated in the search for the truth by physicists and astronomers and not evaluated to protect shibboleths and sacrosanct theories from Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Hubble, Einstein, etc.

In summary here are some of the implications and by no means all: Alpha Centauri is exactly where we see it now. Light never travels in a straight line except perhaps outside the Force Field envelope of each galaxy. The shortest distance between two points is a curve in a Force Field. Stars, planets, moons, asteroids, meteors, gas clouds, molecules, light and the entire electromagnetic spectrum, though moving are herded in the Force Field envelope. Energy may not come from matter. The speed of light is relative to the velocity of time allowing inter-stellar travel in this century. Every action has some reaction except if the action is universal. The Sun’s energy may come from the Force Field and not the Sun itself and so too with every star. E=mc2 may become E=mc. Red Giants may be the final stage before a Black Hole comes into existence, further more the energy from both may be absorbed into the field replenishing it. The soul may be an energy partner to our bodies and reincarnation a coded energy preserved and passed on, occasionally.

This concludes the intellectual and factual argument. However, to understand fully these phenomena you need to understand it on a more primal and physical basis.

You can begin by looking at the following phenomena: The pumping of your heart, the compression and expansion of your lungs, the generation of your body warmth, the synapses of your brain in thought, the acceleration you feel while in a car, the centrifugal force you feel while going around a curve, the sensation you feel when descending and ascending in an elevator, the recoil from firing of a gun, watching lightening strike in a thunder storm, riding your bike, dreaming, feeling the warming of the Sun or the breeze that touches your face or the pain from receiving a traffic ticket at the airport, and many other things.

These are all elements of one super-colossal force enveloping and permeating each and every one of us. A force that makes trillions upon trillions of adjustments every nano second to keep everything in check and balance, and all the while pushing us at 250 million miles per hour through the abyss.

And who said turtles are slow?

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