The Natural Theory of Relativity
by Murray Tovi.

The Natural Theory of Relativity teaches that everything in the Universe is relative, everything, including the speed of light.

There are no mathematical formulas to understand in this theory. There is no leap of faith required. There is nothing illogical, however radical the theory. The most difficult part to understand is that you may have been indoctrinated into a flawed discipline clouding rational evaluation. These flaws, according to this writer began with Isaac Newton and Galilee Galileo’s unsuccessful search for the origin or cause of the effects they exquisitely chronicled. These include the search for the origins of the peculiar behavior of falling bodies, the restraining forces of inertia and momentum, the phenomenon of recoil and most important the phenomenon of gravity itself.

With the conditional discovery of a colossal, invisible, moving, light bending force enveloping Earth (see matrix), a force infinitely more powerful that the Sun’s gravity, it became clear to this writer that Galileo and Newton’s diligent but unsuccessful search was now resolved as all the above forces would now have a single origin.

It also became clear that the mysterious null effect of the Michelson-Morley aether drift experiment, conducted in 1887, now was finally solved. Further in 1964 Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered microwave radiation everywhere in the sky. This writer believes what they found was the signature of a colossal field of energy/force, everywhere in the sky and not background radiation from a 13-15 billion year old event as currently believed, the Nobel Prize not withstanding.

At this time it is not known, if in fact this force/energy field exists, what is its origin, size, velocity, trajectory, etc. Does it just envelop Earth and perhaps the entire solar system or does it envelop any concentration of matter in the Universe thus engulfing galaxies?

There is evidence that it envelops every galaxy. That evidence is the spiral construction, which, like a drop of cream in a cup of coffee, which also spirals, stars need a “physical” medium in which to float then turn over eons.

Let me now begin with the phenomenon called gravity whose origin has eluded all of our greater and lesser gods of science.

Under this hypothesis gravity follows the liquid dynamics law of displacement and is caused by the displacement of the envelope of force/energy by Earth and like a body of water seeks to return to its violated space by exerting pressure on the hull of a ship or in this case a planet or star, etc. causing the violation.

The larger the displacement the greater the pressure further indicating that black holes are super-colossal sized stars (not super-compressed miniature masses) with red and blue giants their likely precursors looking for a little more mass to blink out entirely.

To continue, inertia and its sister momentum verify the invisible restraining force everywhere around us. Something does not come from nothing. The barrier is there, everywhere.

Is recoil then simply a manifestation of maintaining the force’s equilibrium? Centrifugal force is certainly another form of inertia, if it is indeed a real force. Falling bodies appear as another form of restraining inertia regulated by the enveloping field in combination with gravity setting the restraining rate of fall on all bodies, irrespective of their weight or mass.

In 1887 a watershed event occurred that opened the door for Einstein’s first relativity theory published thirteen years later.

The 1887 experiment was called the Michelson-Morley aether drift experiment.

The experiment ended in failure as classical science could not explain the result called null effect. One can go to any search engine to get a detailed explanation of this watershed experiment in physics.

However, if you insert the enveloping light deflecting field’s effect on the movement of light, the mystery of null effect is solved.

To continue, for decades scientists have unsuccessfully searched the heavens for a preponderance of dark matter and recently for vast fields of dark energy to support their view that there is not anywhere near enough gravity from visible stars to hold the Universe together.

Further, Einstein predicted that there was an anti-gravity ring surrounding all stars, including the Sun that prevented stars from sucking into each other from their mutual gravitational attraction, his cosmological constant theory. This also has never been found.

If hypothetically, the force/energy envelope that engulfs Earth exists wherever there are concentrations of matter (galaxies) then all matter in the Universe is in its grip. It is the glue not gravity that under this hypothesis, that keeps stars in place and causes their spiraling like a drop of cream in a cup of coffee as previously illustrated.

To continue, if you rotate an object that is weightless in outer space or in orbit around the Earth you get a gravitational effect. How can you get a gravitational effect if you are rotating in an empty void? Something is out there. How much intelligence does it take to realize such an obvious phenomenon?

Recently the orbiting Hubble telescope identified halos surrounding 48 galaxies. Are these then the perimeters of their force/energy envelopes? Something does not come from nothing.

To continue, if you examine light coming from distant galaxies one notices, after computer reconstruction, that many galaxies, appear distorted, as if you were seeing them through a lens with a power.

This supports this natural relativity hypothesis which maintains that galaxies moving directly away from us will have little or no distortion as their light is coming from their back end relative to us indicating light escaping is not deflected but slowed before it escapes their force/energy envelopes into the void.

Galaxies as they move away from a 180 degree line to us might appear more and more distorted as their light arriving is coming through their side, more and more, relative to us, and thus becomes hypothetically more and more deflected before it escapes into the void outside of a galaxy’s perimeter. The deflection, depending on degree may also alter the red-shift data coming in, a concept that should not endear me to the people that have red-shifted over 500,000 galaxies.

It would be interesting to study the red-shift receding velocities of a hundred galaxies with their degree of visibly perceived distortion. If the force/energy envelopes exist then the fastest receding galaxies might have the least apparent distortion and the slowest the most apparent distortion assuming the farthest are nearest to a 180 degree line relative to us.

Regarding space travel, it becomes evident, especially if one believes that extraterrestrials like the Roswell aliens in fact exist, then outside these envelopes, assuming they end somewhere outside a galaxy’s perimeter, then inertia, momentum, recoil, centrifugal force, gravity, etc. may well cease to exist making interstellar travel plausible.

Acceleration or deceleration at any speed would have no effect on a moving body (a spacecraft and its crew). Given the propulsion system near light speed could be achieved in days or weeks or perhaps even moments. Consider if time too is a restraining force created by passage through a galaxy’s force/energy envelope, as evidenced by nuMeson accelerator experiments causing time slowing near the speed of light barrier, then outside of the envelope, like inertia, time would (as we know it) also cease to exist, in the same way the movement of light is unaffected by time/space as previously proposed. See: Theoretical Velocity. Something to ponder.

Traveling to another galaxy then or to the other side of the Milky Way, one would circumvent a galaxy’s space like 15th century sailing ships circumvented land masses to reach the other side of the world keeping clear of the envelopes.

Further, if inertia only exists inside of a force/energy envelope, then outside of such envelopes the speed of light barrier for a body in motion assuming nearly infinite time slowing near the barrier, the theoretical velocity of a moving body (described in the link above) becomes the actual velocity of a body in motion near the speed of light barrier, or just under 90 billion kilometers per second.

To continue, no hypothesis forming a model of the cosmos can avoid taking a shot at the presumed beginning of the Universe, the Big Bang.

In this writer’s view the Big Bang was not the beginning and like everything previously discussed has a logical and natural answer even though that answer is not apparent. Certainly the theory of zero volume is neither logical nor natural. Something simply does not come from nothing.

If then matter, energy, time and space existed, in whatever form, prior to the Big Bang, then matter, in whatever form before the cataclysm, was in motion indicating, under this hypothesis, that the Universe is not only expanding, as a composite it is still moving (as an expanding composite) in a linear direction.

Could then the speed of light, 299,792.458 kilometers per second simply be a resonance of that hypothesized linear velocity?

Being enveloped in a soup of force/energy one can speculate further that extra-sensory perception, telekinesis, human auras, even Astrology have gained some semblance of scientific value from this conditional discovery.

This concludes The Natural Theory of Relativity, which it should be noted is completely natural and guaranteed free of pesticides and paradoxes. It should be also noted that it is a continuing work in progress.

A society has been formed to establish a cross dialogue between theoretical astrophysicists and shamans, astronomers and astrologers and so on to explore their views on this hypothetical force/energy envelope phenomenon, a phenomenon that connects us all literally and figuratively as it likely propels us through the endless void at incomprehensible speed.

The society is called The Neo-Classical Physics Society. Join us and together, along with other organizations, we can attempt to raze to the ground the tower of Babel, perhaps even in time to help save the Earth from its worst enemy….. the human species.

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